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In Development

Automation Nation

Documentary Feature

What happens to the American people when work no longer becomes a necessity? What happens to a country built on the ideals of work ethic when there is no longer any work to be done? 

As the next industrial revolution of automation, robots, and machine learning sweeps the USA, "Automation Nation" seeks to explore the changing landscape of work. Traveling across the country, filmmaker Chandler Wild is discovering the evolution of his country's industries as he seeks to define what it will mean to go to work as an American in the near, and present, future. 

The Devil's Vein

Narrative Feature

Deep in a mountainous wilderness, a group of ragtag present day miners find a motherlode of gold. Deciding to attempt and steal it for themselves, the miners must face aggression from double crossing partners and those who feel the claim is rightfully theirs.

Screenplay semi-Finalist 2016

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